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HELICOPTER is for display purposes only. I could only figure out how to make this pattern work using wire and dowels as rigid support so it is not suitable as a toy. This helicopter is an advanced pattern, using knitting and some wood working skills. It is worked in stockinette stitch, I-cord, and intarsia techniques. Chain stitching is used for cockpit details. Needle felting or embroidery can be used to add personalized numbers to the craft. This pattern uses approximately 100 yards of royal purple (p), 80 yards golden yellow(g), and 100 yards of white(w).
Yarn gauge (stockinette stitch) 3 sts per inch/ 4 rows/ inch on 10 ½ needles. 20 yards of worsted weight white, and 1 yard of orange worsted weight contrast color is used for the tail rotor cover.
Hardware supplies-Aluminum tile edge can be used in the rotor blades to provide support 14 gauge heavy wire can be used for the landing gear structure, and tail. Pieces of ¾ inch and 3/8 inch dowel are used in the structural support of the tail boom and rotor assembly as well as a 3 ½ inch #8 wood screw for the rotor attachment, and a 1 inch washer that fits up to the top of screw. Two small pieces of aluminum mesh corner bead (available in sheet rock departments) are used for the tail rotor. This project is not recommended for use by young children.

Haley's Helicopter