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Gail is an intermediate pattern using stockinette stitch, short rows, I-cord and intarsia.  The pattern is made using size 10 ½ needles and uses a variety of heavy weight wool yarns, approximately 150 yards of Brown/Gray/White(Bb) blend wool yarn, 150 yards of white(w) wool yarn, approximately 10 yards black(bk) wool yarn, and 26 yards Light brown(Lb) wool yarn, 38yrds Medium brown(mb),  26 yrds of Dk Brown gray blend(Dbg).  You will also use 15 yards Pale golden yellow(pgy), 20 yrds light golden yellow(Lg), Medium golden yellow(mgy), and 12 yards Light gray (lg).  Simple embroidery and latch hook techniques are used to add details on the body.  18 mm plastic owl eyes add the finishing touch.  Basic chain stitching and slip stitching are used to create the owl’s feet.       

Gail the Great Horned Owl