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Do your stitches ever slip off your needles? That won't be a prob-llama anymore if you bring one of these little guys home. With these project protectors on your side, you'll be able to avoid the drama llama.


*Colors may vary. If you have a specific request, please indicate that in the section below.

Llama Project Protector

  • Project protectors are fiber-covered, wooden needle toppers, used to keep your project from slipping off the needles when you are not working on it. Each protector has 2 holes with foam inserts, and each hole is marked with a yarn spot. Simply insert your knitting needles or crochet hook through the marked spot in a twisting motion. Each hole can accommodate up to a size 10 needle. Not for use with glass needles. Crochet hooks should be pulled out through the top to avoid hooking the foam and pulling in out.

    Over time or with continued use, the foam inserts may break up. These inserts can be replaced as needed.