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Yaya is an advanced pattern worked ion feltable wool yarns. Sections of the pattern worked in oatmeal gray, are worked in stockinette stitch. The pattern uses short rows, and simple intarsia techniques. The knit side is the right side for the large sloth, but the baby sloth is worked with the purl side as the right side. Yaya is completed using size 10 ½ needles, and heavy weight triple-ply wool or 2 strands of regular weight wool. This pattern uses up to 150 yards of heavy weight wool
oatmeal (o) yarn, approximately 30 yards of dark brown (br), 30 yards of flesh colored yarn and 10 yards of Dk gray(Dg) heavy weight wool yarn, 400 yards of prefelted oatmeal gray single strand wool/mohair.  You will also need, 75 yards of PREFELTED worsted weight brown and white mohair wool yarn. Prefelted wool and mohair yarn can be washed alternately in hot and cold soapy water to the point where it starts to felt, and then hung to dry. Prefelting the yarn will make the cut hair less likely to fall apart.  The size of your completed project will vary depending on size of needles and weight of wool used. I also used a size D aluminum and fine size 6 metal crochet hook, as well as a size 16 embroidery needle. Pipe cleaners are used in the claws forshaping and stiffening. You will add hair by latch-hooking after the sloth if felted.

Yaya the Sloth