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This pattern is done in garter stitch, stockinette stitch, and I-cord stitches. The size of your finished animal may varydepending on the size yarn that your choose, and the size needles. I use a heavy weight 3 ply homespun yarn and size 10½ needles. Winston is worked in about 170 yards of medium brown or grey-brown double or triple ply wool yarn, and 170 yards of red mohair single. His tusks are worked in about 20 yards of tan or cream white on size 8 needles . The wool/mohair combination is important. The mohair will fuzz when washed to give Winston that shaggy look, but the wool will help him hold his shape. Mohair alone will fall apart when felted in the washing machine. (I know, I did it, and it was a total loss!)

Winston the Wooly Mammoth