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Penny the Pegasus is an intermediate pattern, worked in feltable heavy weight wool yarn on size 10 ½ circular needles. This pattern is worked in stockinette stitch, intarsia, and short rows. Directions are given for a modified feather stitch, and some embroidery stitches for details on the wings. This pattern uses 150 yards of heavy weight white, and 30 yards heavy weight gray for the hooves. The mane and tail and wings are made with medium weight wool in 100 yards of gray and 100 yards multi colored (gray blue purple pink heathered wool). The wings are worked on size 7 needles.
The finished horse is then fulled. Adaptations for the Unicorn pattern are included, Note changes on row 32 of body, rows 20 and 21 of the head, and directions for the horn. (Unicorn pattern does not include the wings)

Penny the Pegasus /Unicorn