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This pattern an advanced pattern, worked feltable wool yarn, in stockinette stitch, a bauble pattern that is described in the pattern, fair isle technique, short rows, and some beginning embroidery stitches. The Body pattern - is worked in silver gray and medium gray, using fair isle technique. For the body plates colors are used on right side rows, gray only is used when working wrong side of piece. The body pattern is worked in multiples of 2 stitches, over 4 rows. The pattern on the head and legs is similar, worked in multiples of 2 stitches over 2 rows, but both colors are worked on all rows. The size of your finished animal will vary depending on the size yarn that your choose, and the size needles. I use a heavy weight 3 ply yarn, or 2 strands of regular weight wool and size 10 ½ needles. You will also need a medium size crochet (G) hook for finishing details. Megan is worked with 160 yards of silver gray (s), 120 yards of medium gray (g), and approximately 75 yards of (sport weight dark gray for details on the tail and banded section). Directions for color changes are written as shown. The eyes are made with a small amount of black wool. The knit side will be the right side for the banded section, the purl side is the right side for the belly, and the bauble pattern side will be obvious.

Megan the Armadillo