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This pattern is done in stockinette stitch, short rows, and I-cord stitches. The knit side will be the right side. The size ofyour finished animal may vary depending on the size yarn that your choose, and the size needles. I use a heavy weight 3ply homespun yarn-approximate(Yarn Gauge -3.5 sts / 5 rows to an inch) and size 10 ½ needles. Kareem is worked inabout 170 yards of medium tan triple ply wool yarn. I use a small amount of dry needle felting to add dark brown details(use scarp yarn as you will use less than 2 inches of this color) after the knitting is completed. A medium crochet hook is used for some detail work, and a #16 embroidery needle is used to sew seams. 

Kareem the Camel