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Kala'1 the Albatross is a intermediate pattern that uses heavy weight wool and size 10 ½ circular needles, a size 4 crochet hook is used for latch hooking the feathers on after the body is felted. A size J crochet hook is used to work chain stitches to make the beak. The pattern is completed using stockinette stitch (the knit side is the right side), short rows, and I-cord stitch. A few simple crochet stitches including chain stitch are used to add finishing touches. The chick is made with about 100 yards of heavy weight medium brown wool yarn, (about half for body and half for the feathers), 2 yards of white heavy weight wool yarn, 30 yards worsted weight dark gray blue yarn, Plastic 9 mm black eyes complete the details. Several piece of 20gauge craft wire, for the legs, and doubled and threaded through the beak adds stiffening. I can used needle felting to accentuate white goggles around the chick's eyes. You will also need, 75 yards of PREFELTED worsted weight brown and white mohair wool yarn. Prefelted wool and mohair yarn can be washed alternately in hot and cold soapy water to the point where it starts to felt, and then hung to dry. Prefelting the yarn will make the cut feathers less likely to fall apart. After completing the main body and all parts, prefelt left over med brown wool yarn for use for feathers also.

Kala'i the Albatross Chick