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The Gee Bee is worked in stockinette stitch, short rows, I-cord and intarsia techniques on size 10 ½ circular needles (and size 7 needles, a size G crochet hook, and a size 16 needlepoint needle. (For mobile, use baby weight yarn, and size 1 needles) Simple crochet stitches are used for the tires, and simple embroidery (straight stitches and a French knot) are used for detail work. This pattern uses approximately 100 yards of heavy weight white and 120 yards of red heavy weight triple ply wool yarn, 30 yards of heavy weight black wool yarn and approximately 30 yards of baby weight pale silver yarn .One piece of 11 X 20 inch plastic canvas can be used in the wings, and landing gear to
provide support. I added extra support to the upper wing, by adding pieces from a 36” x 1/8” aluminum rod. (Do not use metal supports if this toy is for a small child)

Gee Bee R Racing Plane