Welcome to Ellen's Wooly wonders at the 2020 taos wool festival

Ellen's Wooly Wonders was born from Ellen's endless passion for knitting, and her desire to bring her imagination to life. Though she always loved casting on stitches for a new pattern, she just couldn't get herself excited about knitting another blanket or sweater. Instead, she dreamed of trying something different. She came across a pattern for a stuffed sheep and decided to give it a shot. Then she wondered if she could change that pattern to make it into an angora goat. From there, she continued to play with the patterns, creating a cow, and then a horse, then dragons, and airplanes. Now, Ellen's patterns are only limited by her imagination.

Now, Ellen sells a variety of 3-d knitting patterns, hand-spun wool, and homemade knitting tools like looms and knitty knotties. See all that she has to offer at her webpage: www.ellenswoolywonders.com

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Heading 6

Want to see a pattern that looks just like your favorite dog? Or do you have a unique pattern idea that you can't find anywhere else? I design custom patterns, and I'm always looking for my next bit of inspiration! 


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Join us on Zoom to meet Ellen, 
learn more about her patterns,
and ask any questions you might have. Saturday, October 3, 2020 at 1:00 pm mountain time.

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